Collection of Passport

Applicants who choose to collect the passport at counter will need to provide the following document upon collection:

The acknowledgement receipt and one photocopy of stamped passport data page

Representatives/agent collecting the Passport at counter will have to provide the following documents along with the above mentioned documents:

  1. An authorization letter from the applicant clearly stating the name & ID of person & agent authorizing them to collect Passport on their behalf.
  2. Both original and photocopy of Photo Identification Card such as National ID card, Passport or Driver’s License.

    Please check all the printed information on your visa sticker when you collect your passport. If you have any queries about the visa, you should consult your enquiry to the counter staff immediately.

***For applicants in Shanghai Jurisdiction only: as per the requirements from Austrian Consulate in Shanghai, in the event that your visa is not granted, the applicant must come to the Visa Application Centre in person to collect the passport and sign the refusal letter. Any representative or third parties can’t be authorized to collect the passports on anyone’s behalf.