Now that you are ready with all your documents, form and other requirements, applicants can now locate and visit their nearest visa application centre to apply for their visa to Austria.

Visa applications must be submitted by the applicant in person. Applicants who have held previous Schengen visa can submit their applications through agent/representatives who need to present his/her own ID and an authorization letter issued by applicant. But for Shanghai, Only business visa applicants holding an invitation (original or copy) from an Austrian company or an EVE or a GVE and who have held 3 Schengen visas within the last 2 years can authorize a representative to submit the visa application on their behalf. The representative will need to carry an ordinary authorization letter issued by applicant and his/her ID card in order to submit the application at the VAC.

Please ensure that you read the Security Regulations carefully and follow mentioned instructions before you visit Austrian Visa Application Centres in China.

One of our staff will check your application materials for completeness. After your approval, your application will be sent to the Austrian Embassy in Beijing or Austrian Consulate in Shanghai. Please note: If your supporting documents are incomplete, you can still submit your application; however, you are subject to supplement any documents after submission, which might extend the processing time or have a higher risk of rejection.

Pay the visa and service fees in our visa application centres by cash only.

Where Embassy of Austria has decided to cooperate with an external service provider for the collection of applications while establishing the ‘one-stop’ principle for the lodging of applications, creates a derogation from the general rule that an applicant must apply at the Austrian Visa Application Centres in China. There is also a possibility for all applicants to voluntarily lodge applications directly at its diplomatic missions or consular posts.

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