Public Holidays / Closures

The VFS Global Austrian Visa Application Centres in China will close for business on the following public holidays in 2017:

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2 January Monday New Year’s Day
6 January Friday Heilige drei Könige
27 January Friday Chinese New Year
30 January Monday Chinese New Year
31 January Tuesday Chinese New Year
04 April Tuesday Tomb Sweeping Day
14 April Friday Good Friday
17 April Monday Easter Monday
1 May Monday Labor Day
25 May Thursday Christi Himmelfahrt
29 May Monday Dragon Boat Day
30 May Tuesday Dragon Boat Day
5 June Monday Pfingstmontag
15 June Thursday Fronleichnam
15 August Tuesday Maria Himmelfahrt
2 October Monday Chinese National Day
3 October Tuesday Chinese National Day
4 October Wednesday Chinese National Day
5 October Thursday Middle Autumn Day
26 October Thursday National Day
1 November Wednesday Allerheiligen
8 December Friday Maria Empfängnis
25 December Monday Weihnachten
26 December Tuesday Stefanitag

Please noted, the Austrian Visa Application Centre is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.