Public Holidays / Closures

The VFS Global Austrian Visa Application Centres in China will close for business on the following public holidays in 2019:

DATE DAY HOLIDAYS 2019 Beijing Jurisdiction (Beijing; Guangzhou; Xian; Chongqing; Shenyang; Wuhan; Changsha; Chengdu; Jinan; Shenzhen; Fuzhou; Kunming) Shanghai Jurisdiction (Shanghai; Nanjing; Hangzhou)
01 January Tuesday New Year’s Day X X
04 February Monday Chinese New Year X X
05 February Tuesday Chinese New Year X X
06 February Wednesday Chinese New Year X X
05 April Friday Tomb-sweeping Day X X
19 April Friday Good Friday X -
22 April Monday Easter Monday X X
01 May Wednesday Labor Day X X
30 May Thursday Christi Himmelfahrt - X
07 June Friday Dragon Boat Festival X X
10 June Monday Pfingstmontag X -
20 June Thursday Fronleichnam X -
15 August Thursday Mariä Himmelfahrt X X
13 September Friday Mid-autumn Day X X
01 October Tuesday Chinese National Day X X
02 October Wednesday Chinese National Day X X
03 October Thursday Chinese National Day X X
01 November Friday Allerheiligen X X
24 December Tuesday Heilig Abend X -
25 December Wednesday Christtag X X
26 December Thursday Stefanitag X X
31 December Tuesday Sylvester X -

Please noted, the Austrian Visa Application Centre is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.